When a woman goes silent

When a woman goes silent

I have listened to many men complaining that their spouses talk too much… I’m like, ‘Is that a problem?’ A woman goes silent when her man stops listening so those of you, who don’t like her to talk, don’t listen and she will stop talking… but I would not do that if I were you.

They are few reasons why one would tell you something, 1: in search for help, 2: to let you know, and 3: to express their feelings towards the situation. Every woman would like her man to share with her his joyful moments as well as the sad moments… but unfortunately men are not so receptive to such talks. And so the woman has to keep asking, asking and asking … well the beautiful thing ends up being nagging to both parties.

Her keeping quite doesn’t mean she is does not have what to say, but she does not want to see that other look on your face, or else she knows what you are going to say to her. But this whole thing kills your communication and soon your relationship will be long gone. Asking means she cares about you, and silent means, I don’t want care; fight it by yourself, so you choose which part of her you need.

By Beneth