Developing a personal checklist for a soul mate

Developing a personal check list for a soul mate

Developing a personal check list for a soul mate

I have heard of this checklist thing a thousand times, but I’ve always failed to come up with one. So I asked my friends a few questions so that I can come up with my personalized check list.

Don’t get me wrong I did not ask, “What should I put down?”, we just shared soul mates and they shared with me how they came up with check lists, as well as the indicators of those qualities.

Well the check list was finally made, but I was still not comfortable with it; most especially with the priority order of each quality. So I spent more time looking at it over and over… then I remembered my big brother’s comment about marriage.

“The only thing one should consider before getting married is; Can I stand his(her) mistakes and can he(she) stand mine?”, he said, “the rest are added advantages!” Well that was quite complicated for me, “how do I know all his mistakes?” I wondered! Well that was my big brother… you may have a different opinion than that just like my buddy Paul.

Paul says, “The only thing you need to look at is his (her) relationship with God”, “and the rest will follow but without God the rest are so deceptive!”

“It’s written, seek first the kingdom of God and the rest shall follow you…”, “the rest are so complicated and with no foundation in God anything can change” he confirms his statement.

Quite interesting of him, and trust me, I believe he is right. I know you have your own opinion and may be your own check list. I just want you to know I wish you well, and may God light up your path.