My Petition

My Petition

To you my king,
I come,
For you’re full of mercy and grace
Nothing is to much to ask before your throne

To you, I bring my hearts desires,
To you, ask for peace, love,
Protection, knowledge and wisdom

You alone have provided all I have,
The owner of all I see and don’t see,
Your kingdom covers the earth and heaven,
To you I ask my king.
The giver of all

I bring a basket,
Just my heart alone in it,
And a will to serve you

My king, look at me one more time,
With grace and mercy,
My feet are slipping off the rock,
Give me strength to hold on,
And your hand to lift me up

Fill my basket,
According your mercy and grace,
According to your riches,
And may it never run dry

I’m not a faithful servant,
I may not deserve all that I ask of you
According to the law of the land,
But you are full of love,
And I believe in you

That is what I ask of you my king,
And here I stand waiting for your word,
For that is not too-much before your throne

By Beneth
on 12/08/2009