All he needs is a partner but not a wife!

All he needs is a partner but not a wife!

At times I wonder why men say what they say, but well I should not mind about that… but listening to such or reading about it in the newspaper just leaves me *[email protected]*+/^#.

I Want a Partner, Not a Wife”, he wrote, “She should understand my wife is my business partner, and I don’t plan to divorce her”. Wow that is HONEST, and I will leave that at that.

Back to Uganda, they are so many guys that need women in their lives provided they are not their wives… Even though it’s for life, they won’t complain, but try to mention the word ‘marriage’, you will be sorry you opened your mouth.

And this is not about money, in USA may be but in Uganda, I don’t think so but a good number of men are scared of marriage! I just keep wondering ‘why’ and who is answerable for the disgust men have towards marriage?

By Beneth