The oil of joy

The oil of joy

My eyes are red,
As my heart bleeds,
My voice is going low, and low,
And I feel all alone.

Raising my eyes,
I see you,
Like a bright light from horizon,
Reaching out for me,
With tenderness and love

Your arms comfort me,
Your voice confirms the truth,
“You’re not alone, and never will you”!

My tears are dry,
As my lips lighten with a smile,
Spreading to a brighter face,
I feel my heart restored.

It feels like a drop of oil,
Spreading around,
Covering every piece it can.

Am all covered,
I feel worm,
As your love and tenderness comfort me,
I feel a lot more than my words can explain,
You’re my oil,
My oil for joy,
That clears my pain,
Even in morning times.

Even when I don’t know it,
You’re always there for me,
Always there for every one,
As a drop of oil,
The oil for joy

By Beneth,
On 23/07/2009