Fallen into the attraction trap?

Fallen into the attraction trap?

Before you scream on top of your voice can you just give me a minute? Good. Well I call it a trap because it does not seem like it’s going to work for the good and yet you are so into this thing like ‘nala’ tomorrow.

Let me make the picture clear, as they say give you details… as we like it. Imagine this guy, every time you see him you borrow a minute to catch your breath, he runs over to you, gives you a hug and yes, you love it. You feel close to him even when he is miles away and at times it feels like you think a like! Sounds sweet? “Yes it does, but that is all there is…

This guy hardly calls you or even sends you an SMS but you can’t stop thinking about him or date another guy because in your mind you’re dating this ‘Sweet Guy’ much as he has never said anything that should even make you imagine that.

It’s confusing. You feel consumed by fear to lose him as though he was even once yours in the first place. Your heart feels fragile as though anytime it’s about to break but somehow he manages to squash your fears, bring a smile on your face and the urge to be patient and wait for that moment when the says those sweet words.

That is a trap my dear, it has consumed many but I beg you to stop dating imaginary boyfriends no matter how ‘sweet’ they look or sound… they are not worth your time. Such guys like your company but they are not ready to date or to be committed to anyone… and yes in the long run you will break your fragile heart, no matter how long it takes.

Watch out for the traps, and if you’re in one please run out!

By Beneth