5 Ways to be blissfully happy as a single woman

5 Ways to be blissfully happy as a single woman

Being in a relationship doesn’t guarantee happiness or even love. Many women are lonely, frustrated and sad in their relationships or marriages; it’s better to be single than stuck in a bad relationship. And here are several ways to be happily single…

  1. Figure out the source of your feelings: do you feel depressed, sad or lonely because you’re single? Find out why you want to be in a relationship, is it because your sister or friend is married with kids? Or maybe u feel worthless n think a relationship will validate you as a woman. To be happily single u need to figure out why you want to be married.
  2. Refuse to dwell on e’ the lack of love in your life; what u focus on expands, instead of dwelling on what you don’t have and causing your lack to grow. Stay focused on what u brings to all your relationships. E.g, do you wish you were a more successful woman? Make a list of you wonderful qualities and personality traits. The more you love and appreciate yourself; the happier you’ll be n the more attractive you’ll be to others. Don’t think about what you lack, instead, concentrate on what you want in your life.
  3. Connect to your source of power and inspiration; no matter how wonderful a boyfriend or husband is, he can’t give you peace, self-acceptance or happiness. Yu need to stay connected with your own source of inspiration and fulfillment; you need to protect your sense of self acceptance when you’re in love.
  4. Stay emotionally, physically and professionally healthy; what books, people, events, websites or groups help you feel connected to yourself? If you want to be blissfully happy and single, especially if you hoping for a new romantic relationship, make sure you taking care of all aspects of your health.
  5. Don’t wait for a man before you pursue the life of your dreams; do you want to take a month-long vacation then start your own business? You don’t need to be in a relationship to pursue your dreams. In fact, being involved with a man can make it more difficult to achieve your goals; women in relationships have to consider their partners’ needs, lifestyle, plans and family.

Whatever you want to do with your life, do it now!

Got this from Phiona, And all I can do is share it….
I would love to be a ‘blissfully happy woman’, hope I can count you in!


Am shining

Am shining

Am like a little bird,
That has just learnt to fly,
So many words a flapping in my mouth
I wish you were listening in.

I don’t have all I need,
Yet I blame no body,
I don’t know if I should hate this or love it?
For Happiness is always cut short by SAD moments

Am shining,
May be not for long,
Anyhow, who cares?
This is my moment,
If am to bright
Don’t blame me,
Get shades

By Beneth, 12/05/2010


The Ticking Of The Clock

The Ticking Of The Clock
by nakipie223

I always have a yearning when I have spoken to you;
One minute I can hear your voice, the next minute, we are through.

It seems to me that’s how it goes, the silence makes me blue;
I guess the silence lets me know I can’t get enough of you.

I reach my hand through the phone, you’re always out of reach;
You must come closer to the phone, is now my silent speech.

The time slows down, it seems to crawl, slowly the clock hands slide;
I know that you are gone from me, another day, I must abide.

I sit quietly till it’s time for me to shut my eyes;
Perchance to meet you in my dreams, and kiss my green eyed guy.