Count Down for World Cup.

Most of us are not ‘foot ball’ funs, however that does not mean we don’t enjoy the matches. We actually do; especially when Cameron or Chelsea guys are playing.

Some how i have enjoyed this world cup. May be because i was not competing with it in any way. I just hope my nephew and niece will be coming to visit me once the cup is done with.

To bad many African Countries were kicked out before we could enjoy them. but hey, ‘Well Done to Ghana!’.
The guys have played like men.

Anyhow the cup is almost done… and it bring me to think;
What next?
– The soaps on Tv seem to be boring of late.
– Movies, You need friends over to enjoy them.
– Visiting, not good at that.

Any how, i don’t seem to find something that is so fun like world cup. However i think i will try out those things that are ‘not-me’ you never know i may enjoy them as we look forward to Premier Ship once again.