I wonder

Your words stir up my heart,
With a longing to hear more and more of you
Now that I’m hooked
I wonder,
Will something greater come out of this?
Will something more grow out of this?
Or my heart will hang on this loose thread?

It cuts into two
I should hold on a little longer?
Should I let go?
Could it be too soon?
Could I be holding onto a shadow?

I remember your word,
Filled with promise and hope
Yet waiting is so hard,
And everything else seems to be on a rush
What should I do?
I wonder

Beneth 21/01/2012
God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind.  ……… Numbers 23:19


His promise

I wish I was the one you call
When you are feeling week,
I would give you strength

I wish I was the one you call
When you are weary and burdened,
I would give you rest

I wish I was the one you call
When your heart is troubled
I would give you peace

I wish I was the one you call
When you are exited and filled with joy,
I would rejoice with you

I wish I was the one you call
When all your hope is gone,
I would comfort you

This is not just a wish, but a promise
If you call on my name I will be there for you.
Regardless of what you are going through,
Regardless of what you have done,
I love you so much to give up on you.

I will be there for you
And that is my promise.
Just call on the name of Jesus,
He will be there for you regardless
That is his promise to us.

Beneth 05/12/2012


So HE Loved

Before time, he sang of his love for me.
He told me, he knows the hairs on my head,
And my name is tattooed on his hands!
Wow, I said to myself, this must be some great love….
Love, it got me thinking, and I wondered …
This could be any different?

    I have heard that before,
    I believe, you have too
    I love you, but don’t fat,
    I love you, provided you don’t run broke,
    I love you, and a car will be a great gift.
    So how is HIS love any different …?

Day after day he worked on bring me close to him,
To be acknowledged, adored, and for me to lean on him!
You know the kind of friend that wants to give, more than receive!
But still my heart was hardened,
As though, that was not enough,
I was busy to notice, his greatness,
Or how much we could achieve together
I have sooooo much to do
This and that is not done …
I lamented over and over again!

    Can you believe, I crossed the sea on foot?
    Yet worriers died in the sea waters,
    With their horses stuck in mad?
    Who am I to be that great?
    Who am I to be I more than worriers?
    No! No! No!
    It wasn’t me, well, not on my own making
    But of the one that loved me.
    So much He loved me to save my life!

Did I notice his greatness then?
Did I lean on him then…?
No, I was still trying to get things done,
Searching for a greater yearning…
May be in wrong places,
But I was busy.

    He took another shot at me,
    May be at US; you and me
    With a baby-like innocent smile
    He cried; I love you!
    But did we acknowledge him?
    Did we adore him?
    Did we learn to lean on him?
    No, we were filled with a bigger mirage of what we wanted to see!

We lived with a king, but we knew him not,
So much He loved us, but so little did we know,
And now, all I can say is….
Merry Christmas
Just as a reminder,
That the king is here with us,
Lets us acknowledge him
Adore him, and learn to lean on him all the days of our life
For that is how much He loves us!

Beneth 14/11/2012


God wants us to know

Free we should be

Free we should be

God wants us to know

I cry in the middle of the night
Do you?
Something touches my soul
Do you feel it?
Am not alone,
You’re not alone.
And God wants us to know.

God is there,
He is, for us
Just for us,
We’re not alone.
And God wants us to know.

You’re are hurt,
Am hurt too,
But we have to forgive,
Not that they deserve it,
But we do!
And God wants us to know.

God wants us to know
We don’t deserve to hold a grudge!
For we’re his temple,
God chose us to be free
Free we should be

Forgive them,
It’s hard
God knows too.
Let’s open our hearts for Him
And see things in as He sees them

He wants you to be happy
He wants me to be happy
His love is perfect
His name is healer
I and you are ‘his-own’
And God wants us to know.

God wants us to know
Forgive and be forgiven
Be happy and free
Then your spirit will worship Him.



What is Sodomy about?

The last time I heard gay people did not like their relationship being referred to as Sodomy, they claimed Sodom was burned because of lust not homosexuality.

Homosexuality has hit Uganda in style starting with the most sensitive areas. As they say, slap where it hurts most.

I mean, if it is said to be in churches, churches will not fight it. The public will be like ‘listen to who is talking… have you forgotten Pastor A, Rev B, Father C…. and so and so on’. So Ugandans if we need to fight homosexuality there is a lot of work ahead of us.

Then, our schools, I must say those guys are ‘sharp’ those of us who remember our young days very well… in secondary school is the time when every girl/boy wants to feel that they old enough to ‘live their own life’ and some one shows up to teach you how to have sex with some one of the same sex! The teens would call that being ‘cool’; cause their doing something new to their life.

Gone are the days when single schools were regarded the best for education environment, I think I would rather have my child in a mixed school than a single school for him/her to be introduced to homosexuality.

Talk about Human Rights people… which human right provides for abuse of your body. To me homosexuality is simply a desire that is sinful before God. Making it a LAW, will bring a curse to our Nation.

What surprises me is that those advocating foe it say my daughter/son can not be one of them! If they believe that they are born Gay, how come they claim their children can not be one of them.

Every woman has a moment in her life when she realizes that she is no longer a girl but a woman, and I believe men to have that moment. So how is it when you are female and you realize the man in you, or male and you feel the woman in you? If any one can help and explain to me, I would be glad.

I have heard people who claim that they were introduced to homosexuality, and those that say that they are born like that, some how I have not been able to believe those that say that they are ‘born-gay’. I have not seen such a behavior in other mammals (animals) so is it a special error only in human?

Anyway a lot has been said on TV, Radio and many forms of media, and a lot will continue to be said. But this is what I say. If your gay and you want to quite there is help and hope that homosexuality can be behind you.