When I saw her …

When I saw her
When I saw her …

She was dancing with her hair in the air,
With the sun set raises dashing through it…
Turning around and around,
I could not stop looking at her,
I said to myself, “what a beauty?”

For a moment my breath was swept away,
And felt my heart play softly,
To music, my ears had never heard…

I looked at her again,
She was dancing to the rhythm of my heart,

I moved forth to say “hullo,”
And I heard myself say,
“Hullo beautiful?”
As though there was a difference between me and I.

Her eyes were glowing as though
There was a flame in them,
Her lips so soft and so beautiful,
She said, “Hi, stranger!”

“Do you have time?” I asked,
Time to know me,
For I could not help being a stranger in her eyes

At that moment I knew,
I had found my missing rib,
A piece of me,
Made by God

We walked in the garden together,
Hand in Hand, Smiling,
As our hearts danced,
And our souls met for the first time.

As I saw her leave to the horizon,
“I did not ask her name!” I remembered,
Seemed to late for me,
I had lost my rib again!

But one thing I knew, for sure,
I will meet her again and walk through that garden.

Composed by

Benie Akoola,
On 09/07/2009.
(Just Imagining)