Moving from a blog, to a website

After a long wait, Akoola has finally launched a website that bring you all the articles at the palm of your hands… well at the face of yo screen.

Moving from a blog, to a website

Moving from a blog, to a website

Have a great time,

Truly Akoola Benie


Tired of love songs

Tired of love songs

Every time I turn on the radio,
A love song is playing.

Every time I turn on the TV,
A love song is playing.

Am tired of the love songs,
Am tired of love shows,
talks, books, ads, moves…
Whatever am tired of it

As lovers enjoy each other’s company,
Exchange hugs, kisses and affection,
Does anyone care what the lonely do?

Am tired of the love songs,
They make the lonely more lonely,
And they call them love songs!

I would love to listen to the radio,
Watch the TV,
But not the love songs,
Am tired of love songs.

By Benie

Am not sure where I got the inspiration to write this…


Old bed of mine

Old bed of mine

Moved to a new a new house,
Running from our house,
Our memories

Our house
Where all our memories were created
Memories I have failed to push behind.

This old bed of mine,
Lying on it,
Takes me to what I was running from

This old bed of mine,
Laid the way you want it,
The pillows
Placed where you want them,

On this old bed of mine,
I feel you lying besides me,
Yet as I move to hold you,
May be to kiss you,
All I touch is a pillow!

To forget you,
I have to lose,
All that I shared with you

Memories make me lonely,
Yet am not ready to forget you,
I will keep this old bed of mine,

Holding on to a hope,
That one day,
We’ll start where we stopped.

By Benie

Music can drive you to any imagination…
Well that is what I could write after a song….
I forgot the title though…may be it was “Past memories”


We have made 7,342 hits

Counting 7342 hits!

We have made 7,342 hits, and we are still counting.

We started from 0 together and now we have hit 7000+
Am really humbled.

All i can say is, thank you.
Thank you….
And may God bless You.

Lots of love,



Run away with me

Run away with me

Am lost in your eyes
And my heart is inter-twined with yours
I got to go
But I can’t go without you


Run away with me
Just run away with me
Run away with me

2. My breath is lost
At a thought of being away from you
My heart is cold
At an imagination without you

– – Bridge

Am like withering flower,
Wilting in the rain
To let go of my joy
And source of happiness

– – Bridge

4. You’re my guide, my solider
How can I live without you?
How will I smile, without you by my side?

BOTH: – – Bridge
(Run away with me,
Oh my love run away with me) x2


You Hold on

You Hold on.

    1.When the storm closes you in a cave,
    And you got no shelter
    When you’re are scared
    And you have no where to run to


You don’t give up
You hold on, little by little
As you grow stronger and stronger
You hold on, until you achieve
You hold on.

    2.When you’re tired of trying
    When you have lost hope for another chance
    And a new door opens

— Chorus

    3.When you are weak, and your strength is low
    And your heart has fallen apart
    Then a new morning comes with a new sun

— Chorus

    4.When the darkness closes in
    And there is no one around you
    Your heart is covered with fear
    Of what you don’t see.
    And light appears.

I give it all up.

I cant be where you are
and be where I am
I cant have what I want
and get what I need,
or what you want me to have,


    So I give it all up,
    I give it all up,
    I give it all up,
    just because of you.

I can’t hold my pain
and celebrate our love,
I can’t be resentful
and feel yo joy.


I can’t chose my way
and let you lead me through it
And I can’t lead
and you follow.


I give it all up,
Just for you.

I give it all up just for you.

By Beneth