Trapped in memories

Trapped in memories

I feel trapped in a thick forest,
And am trying so hard to run out
But I always find myself back
To where I started from

I appreciate the memories we hard,
But I don’t want to carry them all my life,
I don’t think you understand me
Just like all others who think
They know me more than myself.
Am held by dreams that were cut short,
Memories that will never come again
Stories that will never be told
And love that wont be felt again.

Am trapped in memories,
A think forest
I never seem to run out of

By Beneth 18/08/2010




Life is so precious gift,
So I believe,
Though I stopped enjoying it
Along time ago

I got parents that love me so much,
I got friends that spend all
Their time with me,
Yet none seems close enough to me

This sounds unfair,
After all we have been through.

I just feel so far apart…
I wish I could do something
to change this whole thing around.

I would like to spend all my life with you,
Creating happy moments together,
But I just don’t know “how?”
This is so frustrating.
I wish it can be enjoyable again.

From Benie


Darkness closing on me

Darkness closing on me

You were my sunshine
My hope for tomorrow
Now I live like a bag blown by wind

With no hope,
No plan, No heart,
And now darkness is closing on me.

Why did you have to leave,
Why did you leave me alone,
Did you know it yould hurt this much,

Am so scared of darkness,
Am scared of living without you,
Oh, my sunshine
Send me a star to watch over me,
For it’s hurts so much to miss you.

Beneth 18/08/2010


Back Online

Back Online

Every bad begaining
Has a chace to a good ending

God is not done with me yet
I would not want Him to stop either
I just need to trust him more

Same questions
Who am I today,
Where am I today,
And how am I today?

A reason for each piece of my life,
Say No to what the Lord says No to
And Yes to what he says Yes to

What about me?
It doesn’t matter
He knows better
So lets click next,
XOX am back online

By Beneth