When He met Me

I have been searching

For one woman

And I have found her…

I have found you


I don’t want to be your boyfriend

I want to be your fiancée

Not because i’m rushing

I want to make my intentions clear.


I see myself

As your husband

I dream about you

carrying my child

So now you know

My plans for you


You are beautiful

And most beautiful thing

That has happened to me

I call you honey,

I call you sweet

I call you my love

I just can’t wait to call you my wife.


I love you you,

I truly love you

That much my i know

And now you know.

I want to marry you

I want you to be the mother

of my children
Words of Prince S.O.


Thinking of you

A smile is painted on face,
with calm thoughts in my mind
When I think of you

Tension seizes,
My nerves are calm
When I think of you

My heart beats gently
as a cloud  of peace comforts me
When I think of you

Thinking of you
Makes waiting for you worth while

Beneth 27/07/2013


Open Arms

With empty arms I wait,
In a long for a hug
Or maybe, to hold you
Even just for a minute.

    Just out of reach
    Though so clear in mind
    So far away from you
    And all your charms

I miss you
My darling
My open arms wait on

Beneth 08-Feb-2013


Evaluate the man you date and understand the man you married

Evaluate the man you date and understand the man you married

Evaluate the man you date and understand the man you married

Evaluate the man you date and understand the man you married.

Many of us are found of evaluating the man we married, rather than the man we are dating! And that is so wrong! Well that is my opinion. I believe once you’re dating, that is the time to evaluating if this cute guy actually respects you.

Unfortunately when we’re dating we tend to focus on the gifts they shower us with, the ticking clock, our friends are all married, he is cute, and he is ready to settle down… why the wait? We lament to our selves! We pay no attention to what we’re settling with” So one month after the alter we start evaluating our husbands.

If he doesn’t respect you when you’re dating he won’t change over after the wedding. If that is what you said ‘I-do’ to, for whatever reasons you had, why are you stressed? I don’t mean that you take in all the trash he sends to you… all I’m saying is, evaluate the man you date, and understand the man you married.

You may not see all his bad characters, he can actually hide them away from you… but a bad guy won’t turn into a good guy overnight.

“What if am married to him already?” Am not married so I can’t claim to know it all, but am told ‘prayer works!’ Pray for him, ask God to work through him and do your part as a wife; understand him, support him, encourage him, and don’t try to criticize every little thing he does or raising your voice at him. However you can try to show him the danger in what he is doing.

What more can I say?
Happy Marriage!

Beneth 28/02/2011.


Do you think about me, as much I think about you?

Time has passed since we called it quiets, however you’re still on my mind… much as I don’t want to admit it, “I miss you!”

I know I hurt you, but that was just because I was scared to love. However, that is not an excuse for what I did.

Just know whatever I whatever did hurt me as much as it hurt you… for I love you so much. “What I weird way of showing it?”, “Yeah, it’s weird but so true.”

Every place we visited, every moment we shared is just all on my mind like an endless opera. Only that it’s so sad to watch myself treating you so badly when all you do is to love me.

Am just wondering; do you think about me as much as I think about you? Are you crazy enough to give us another chance? I would like to re-write the script of the opera.

Let me know if you’re crazy enough to play in the opera again.

By Beneth

(love letters)


This part of “Back to loneliness” chapter of Rosiyanah

Watch the space, Rosiyanah will soon be out.


Don’t give up on us.

Don’t give up on us.

I know I have failed you
And I failed God that gave me, you.
Am sorry for the mess I have done,
But don’t give up on us.

I kept no promise I made to you,
Neither did I do what My Father tought me
I laid my hands on you with anger
With little knowledge
I killed our love, our family
And I destroyed my life.

Am so sorry for the pain
I drove you through,
For now I know how it hurts.

I still need to have the family
We dreamed about,
Raising our children together,
But above all,
I still need to feel the love we shared.

Our home has become a house
The children miss their mother
But in amidst of all that,
I miss my wife

Many have told me to give up,
But am still holding on,
Please don’t give up on us
We need to achieve our dream
And we still love you.

By Beneth


Lonely house

Lonely house

Am seated on the floor watching TV.
Pictures of u are still on the wall,
Like you still live here with me.

Frustration drives me to a bottle,
Drinking myself silly to forget
The fact that am so lonely.
Am trying to keep my pride,
Yet all I want is cry

Would it help if I told u I miss u.
Will it change a thing if I said am sorry.
Will you understand my pain if you said
I have been like this since the day you left.

My house is so lonely,
Am even scared of the dark,
To hell with this pride
I just feel like crying.

By Beneth 10/10/2010