Thank you Friends

Akoola’s Blog has got 4000+ hits,
and all thanks i give to you.

I thank my brother Kiiza, aka. kabonde who introduced to wordpress.com …
by then i was thinking of joining blog spot.

I loved the templates of wordpress,
the colors, the format, the layout.

I can say, it’s cool enough for me.

i thank God for the words he has put at in my mind,
and the desire to share my thoughts,
and imaginations.

Other wise,
i would not have said anything.
Lets keep it on,

Thanks a lot.
Benie M,
a.k.a Akoola.


My Father, the father of my son

Shamim’s Story

To come of us incense is simply a rumor or in a movie, it’s high time we accepted that it’s part of us no matter how bad it hurts.

Yesterday I watched a little girl (Shamim) tell her Untold Story. And honestly it’s a story one hardly tells, but there she was with her little boy telling the world that her father is the father of her son.

She was cursed out of the family, instead of the father… I don’t think the Shamim seduced her father. That is why I don’t understand some families.

What hurt me most is that she is Moslem; her father would have married another woman if he wanted to satisfy his sexual desire but he chose to have his own daughter who is even under age. They say men will always be men but I think that guy is simply male.

I was touched by the story of her life story and that is why am writing this to all of you, she needs our help to be able to take care of her baby and herself. She would like to study, or work, and leave her baby with someone as she studies or works. You can tell that her level of trust is so poor; she will need some counseling to be able to live in a society.

She can’t depend on charity for ever, but we can help her study and get a job that will sustain her and her baby as a single mother.

In case you would like to help this young mother please call, Untold Story on +256-77-2311763 and they will put you through to Shamim or the nurse that is taking care of her.

Thank you.