Lies to cover lies

Lies to cover lies

Once I told a lie,
Easily they believed me
And oh … I went,
That was easy!

One question after the other,
Follow ups and clarifications
Oops, I went
This is becoming nasty

Day after day
I had to keep my word,
Well my lie,
Telling the truth sounded stupid,
And keeping the lie alive became painful.

Lies to cover lies,
You can not easy get your way out
Truth, may be next time,
For you don’t need to remember
What you said the last time.

By Beneth



The Change

The Change

Anew day comes in,
Be it sunny or rainy
We take it as it is,
Without asking why

We move from place to place,
Make new friends,
Lose the old ones
Take on new responsibilities,
Tasks and roles

We often feel bold,
Once we have done it all,
Yet still scared of starting

We smile, laugh, and often cry,
We sing, jump, dance
And sometimes scream

We eat, drink,
sleep and wake up
Ready to celebrate another day

We feel lonely,
we fall in love,
We feel smart,
we fall in traps.

This is our life,
Change is part of it.
Let’s accept it.

By Beneth 28/07/2010


Is life unfair?

Is life unfair?

Life is a journey, so they say, so we believe: a journey that is started for us and one that we must embrace and enjoy. A walk is never fun; unless you have a partner to share it with.

Most of us spend our lives trying to find that person we can share our lives with, on the other hand the rest lose their partner without even knowing who they are, so we end up at a river of emptiness crying life is not fair.

But is life really not fair? It’s as though some of us like playing cat and mouse without realizing how ugly this game is really is! We still enjoy our ‘Tom & Jerry’ cartoons, we learn from them and we imitate them… not realizing how much we hurt ourselves.

Humans we not meant to be alone, so don’t not try to isolate yourself, a good number of our friends and family have already gone home, they did not get a chance to live on and watch the sunrise today.

Look around you; you have got many friends, your family, there even more new people to meet. Those that have passed away would cry if they heard our complaints, we should not be the ones to say life is not fair; it’s like we have forgotten what we have.

We have got life, what more do we need that we can’t get?


Thank you Friends

Akoola’s Blog has got 4000+ hits,
and all thanks i give to you.

I thank my brother Kiiza, aka. kabonde who introduced to wordpress.com …
by then i was thinking of joining blog spot.

I loved the templates of wordpress,
the colors, the format, the layout.

I can say, it’s cool enough for me.

i thank God for the words he has put at in my mind,
and the desire to share my thoughts,
and imaginations.

Other wise,
i would not have said anything.
Lets keep it on,

Thanks a lot.
Benie M,
a.k.a Akoola.



Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly

Who has not stopped to see my beauty?
Who has not watched me fly from one flower to flower?
Who has not tried to catch me ?

Am beautiful,
I know it,
You know it,
And you can’t catch me.

As i spread my wings,
Am saying,
Thank you lord.

Thank you,
For the wings,
For the beauty,
And for making me smart.

Next time i pass by,
i know you will be waiting,
Waiting to see me,
or even to catch me..
but am smart!

I remind you of nature,
love, peace, and tranquility.
And that is my duty.

Off i go,
Till next time.
I know u have missed me.