Why stop now

Stop, stop, they shout, and the echoes in my ears emphasis

That is not the way, no one does that

They shout louder and louder.


Yet not louder than the voice inside of me

You have to go on, my spirit says,

We can’t stop now, not when we are this close!

The world is waiting on us and the time is now.


It’s now our time to shine

Our time to show the world what we got

With passion and courage

We can’t stop now.


Look at those against us,

Look at them closer;

Look at the weakness in their eyes,

Their desire for us to stop is so weak than our desire to move forward.


How can they stop us?

No one will stand against us

For the one, that stands with us

Is stronger than the one against us

Tell me, why stop now!


Beneth 03rd Oct 2014 


What if we stopped complaining and gave a hand?

For the last two weeks I have been wondering; how would this planet be if stopped complaining and did something about the things we believe are ‘not fair’ as we call them?

Like if each one of us opened a door to the homeless or to someone else’s dreams, or provided a meal to the hungry paint that picture with me and see a changed and great planet.

But NO, we don’t do that and some other people use these same people we have failed to help to make their own dreams come true… I don’t mean to sound bitter but I always look at the street kids and I feel terrible inside of me. We have given up on helping them because we believe it’s a ‘business’. Am not saying we should invest in some ones business but can’t we do something about the street kid that is being abused?

Another area that really gets to me is how we complain about our leaders; this area has two personalities; those that believe they can do better and don’t contest, and those that sit on their opinions and complain about the results.

I just keep wondering if some of you believe you can do a better job, why don’t you come up and urge us to support you, and those that don’t vote and then you question the results… honestly I have no words for you, may be you tell me whom you expect to vote for you?

We all know what we do and how we complain at the end of the day, my only prayer is that we just stop complaining and do something on those areas we feel uncomfortable with. Let’s give a hand, take a stand to the things we believe in, make our voices heard and take lead where need be for this will make this planet a place we want it to be.

By Beneth



A second chance

A second chance

What have I done with myself
All I have done feels wrong.
Now am seated hear praying for a second chance

Am so unaware of my self,
My strengths, My weakness,
Why can’t I find confidence within myself.
I need to know myself for who I am
And what really makes me happy

I don’t know where to go, am cross confused
I want to let go of my anger for joy.
And my hate for love
I need to do something I have never done before

I need a second chance
A chance to undo the wrong I have done,
A time to set the record right

Beneth 10/08/2010


I have learnt a lot

I have learnt a lot

A baby in your arms,
That is what i have been.

Not that I’m complaining,
But rather, thankful and grateful

For in your arms,
I have learnt to love,
To care, and to live my life

I have learnt
Who I am,
Who I was meant to be,
And whom, I want to be,

I have learnt to earn,
Spend, save and invest.

All that I am,
I owe it to you,
Many have placed a hand on me,
But without your hand,
All could have been crashed,

I have learnt a lot,
And thanks to you.

By Beneth 22/07/2010.

This is for my Familly
(Dad, Mum, Sisters and Brothers)
Thank you guys,


Cursed by ‘Charity’ Mafias

Cursed by ‘Charity’ Mafias

My job is simple,
I sit and stretch out my hand for a coin!

As soon as it drops,
My supervisor picks it from me.

No water for the sunny day,
No shelter for the rainy day,
I got to work at all times.

As though that is not enough to deal with,
The city leaders,
Chase us off the roads like unwanted flies attempting to tap some food.

Small change coin makes our day,
But not good enough for our growth,
Physically, mentally and emotionally

Human rights advocate for us but are not sure if they know what hurts us most.
Others look at us with an evil eye,
And I wonder are Cursed by ‘Charity’ Mafias,
That brought us to town.

Whatever the case, here we are,
Though hunted like wild and harmful animals.
All we are doing is trying to survive like any other person on earth.

Accept us as humans,
Despite the circumstances

By Beneth,


Fading dream

Fading dream

As a little gal
I looked at myself as a princess,
Beautiful, smart
And so adorable

My biggest dream was a white wedding
All dressed in a white Cinderella gown
With my prince charming in my right hand!
Oh that was my dream.

At this moment and time,
I don’t even want to think about it.
It really hurts me a lot.

My hope drains down every moment
The dream is fading with each minute that goes by.
The sky is filled with lots of clouds,
Am surrounded by shadows

My dream,
Dim as you look
I still want you in bright color
My biggest dream,
Fading dream
And I can’t do a thing to stop it.

May the winds of heaven
Chase the clouds in the sky
For me to see my dream
In full color like I used to



Blame me not

Blame me not.

I know you need to know what I feel for you.
I know you expect it asp, though you say,
‘Take as much time as you need…’
For waiting kills you inside.

I wish I could.
I wish I was sure
So many gaps are in my heart.
My heart says one thing and my mind says another.

Confused I sound
Blame me not,
I have failed to trust my heart…
Am caught in between two cities!

This heart disappointed you,
My mind reminds me every moment.
Now am scare to trust it again.

Follow your heart,
Am always advised… but how?
How can I trust this crazy thing?

For the pain I have caused,
Blame me not,

For the worries I have planted
Blame me not.

Am working on it
All I need is more time,
Hope you will still be waiting
Waiting for me