What if we stopped complaining and gave a hand?

For the last two weeks I have been wondering; how would this planet be if stopped complaining and did something about the things we believe are ‘not fair’ as we call them?

Like if each one of us opened a door to the homeless or to someone else’s dreams, or provided a meal to the hungry paint that picture with me and see a changed and great planet.

But NO, we don’t do that and some other people use these same people we have failed to help to make their own dreams come true… I don’t mean to sound bitter but I always look at the street kids and I feel terrible inside of me. We have given up on helping them because we believe it’s a ‘business’. Am not saying we should invest in some ones business but can’t we do something about the street kid that is being abused?

Another area that really gets to me is how we complain about our leaders; this area has two personalities; those that believe they can do better and don’t contest, and those that sit on their opinions and complain about the results.

I just keep wondering if some of you believe you can do a better job, why don’t you come up and urge us to support you, and those that don’t vote and then you question the results… honestly I have no words for you, may be you tell me whom you expect to vote for you?

We all know what we do and how we complain at the end of the day, my only prayer is that we just stop complaining and do something on those areas we feel uncomfortable with. Let’s give a hand, take a stand to the things we believe in, make our voices heard and take lead where need be for this will make this planet a place we want it to be.

By Beneth



The gal in my mirror

The gal in my mirror

She looks straight in my eyes
It seems she is complaining
But I can’t hear her words.

Tears are running down,
I want to reach her
And wash them away,
But she is so far

I can see her pulse,
She is annoyed,
May be with me.
Yet I don’t remember what I did
To hurt her like this

Am sorry I said,
To this gal in my mirror
I wonder if she is listening.
But I feel lighter now
After saying sorry.

I hope she heard me,
May be she will forgive me,
I look forward to her smile,
The next time we meet.
The gal in my mirror.

By Beneth


Too late now

Too late now

They say better late than never,
May be that is what u believed.
But now,
It’s too late

It’s too late to believe in you,
It’s too late to love you just as I used to,
My heart is now so cold,
And I resent you,

A glance at you
Reminds me of pain than
The beautiful flapping butterflies

I wish I could believe you,
I wish I could turn back
to those beautiful moments.
But it’s just too late now.

By Beneth


The cry of a woman

The cry of a woman

Was the truth that necessary
Why did you have to tell me
After all these years.

I respected you
I admired you
I believed you
And most of all
I loved you.

Why all the lies
Why didn’t you stand
by your word
Until the end

Now that the glass is broken
The truth is known,
And am torn apart,
Are you happy?

You have crashed me,
I gave you my love,
And you broke my heart,
How will I love again?
How will I trust again?

You have taken my pride,
and covered me with shame,
You have taken my beauty
and wrapped with tears,
Was this your goal to score?

I have wasted enough of my time,
emotions and most of all
love and trust.
Stay out of my way,
for am not sure what
I may do to your face

Beneth 26/08/2010