Restoring the beauty and glory of Africa and the planet earth at large

All that western media reports about Africa and Asia is War, Hunger, Rape, child abuse… name it! I wonder is that all that happens in Africa? I hope NOT, but as they say, “BAD NEWS SALES “, and our local media has picked up so well on the same.

Africa has been represented badly to a point that Africans prefer to sleep on streets of America and Europe selling drugs, than sleep peacefully in their grass thatched houses as they cultivate for their families! Africa has the most fertile soils, water, but it’s embracing that we actually complain when World Food Programme reduces the number of tones they provide to Africa!

Come-on Africans, Why don’t we embrace peace? Why do we continue lamenting ‘poor us’ in the eyes of donors as the corrupt leader embezzle the funds! Our NGO could be doing the same; cry for donor assistance and buy luxury cars as the orphans continue to suffer! And the African cry goes on and on… it’s embracing!

Each one of us has role to play as an individual; to stop raping children, domestic violence misusing weapons, … name it; are we waiting for the government to restrict the use pangas and knives for us to stop killing each other?

In the end, it us! We started this; by looking down on ourselves and believing that the wrong ways are the only ways to survive. The Image is already out there, each one of us has a role to play to restore the beauty and glory of Africa and the planet earth at large.




What is the cost of Walk-to-Work campaign?

Since ‘Walk-to-Work’ started some of us have lost our friends, neighbours, parents, and children, we seem not to care how dangerous this thing has become!

I understand that some of you have just realised that the cost of living in Uganda has gone up, but you seem to forget that they are people who did not even afford what you had.

How much are we willing to pay for this walk to work campaign? Many of us have been walking home for months now, and it has been peaceful!

Walk orderly and peaceful; Don’t put other people’s lives at risk. We have a society of infants, pregnant mothers and grannies who can’t keep up with running around in tear gas!

Sorry if i sound selfish, but please put down the drama in walking and let us have our peace.


When I see you

When I see you

When I see you

When I see you

Like a drop of oil spreading around
So does my heart move,
When I see you,
That is when I remember
How I treasure you.

Like a fragile glass,
Or may be like a little bad,
That is how I hold in my arms.

So close, and so deep,
My image in your eyes,
And yours in mine
Our souls meet.

I could stare at you all day long,
Those eyes, so white and bright
That smile, so wide and sincere
The cute dimples
I cherish your innocence.

Many things between us,
These happen,
When I see you.

(For a mother to her new born baby!)


What if we stopped complaining and gave a hand?

For the last two weeks I have been wondering; how would this planet be if stopped complaining and did something about the things we believe are ‘not fair’ as we call them?

Like if each one of us opened a door to the homeless or to someone else’s dreams, or provided a meal to the hungry paint that picture with me and see a changed and great planet.

But NO, we don’t do that and some other people use these same people we have failed to help to make their own dreams come true… I don’t mean to sound bitter but I always look at the street kids and I feel terrible inside of me. We have given up on helping them because we believe it’s a ‘business’. Am not saying we should invest in some ones business but can’t we do something about the street kid that is being abused?

Another area that really gets to me is how we complain about our leaders; this area has two personalities; those that believe they can do better and don’t contest, and those that sit on their opinions and complain about the results.

I just keep wondering if some of you believe you can do a better job, why don’t you come up and urge us to support you, and those that don’t vote and then you question the results… honestly I have no words for you, may be you tell me whom you expect to vote for you?

We all know what we do and how we complain at the end of the day, my only prayer is that we just stop complaining and do something on those areas we feel uncomfortable with. Let’s give a hand, take a stand to the things we believe in, make our voices heard and take lead where need be for this will make this planet a place we want it to be.

By Beneth



Don’t give up on us.

Don’t give up on us.

I know I have failed you
And I failed God that gave me, you.
Am sorry for the mess I have done,
But don’t give up on us.

I kept no promise I made to you,
Neither did I do what My Father tought me
I laid my hands on you with anger
With little knowledge
I killed our love, our family
And I destroyed my life.

Am so sorry for the pain
I drove you through,
For now I know how it hurts.

I still need to have the family
We dreamed about,
Raising our children together,
But above all,
I still need to feel the love we shared.

Our home has become a house
The children miss their mother
But in amidst of all that,
I miss my wife

Many have told me to give up,
But am still holding on,
Please don’t give up on us
We need to achieve our dream
And we still love you.

By Beneth


Lies to cover lies

Lies to cover lies

Once I told a lie,
Easily they believed me
And oh … I went,
That was easy!

One question after the other,
Follow ups and clarifications
Oops, I went
This is becoming nasty

Day after day
I had to keep my word,
Well my lie,
Telling the truth sounded stupid,
And keeping the lie alive became painful.

Lies to cover lies,
You can not easy get your way out
Truth, may be next time,
For you don’t need to remember
What you said the last time.

By Beneth



Cursed by ‘Charity’ Mafias

Cursed by ‘Charity’ Mafias

My job is simple,
I sit and stretch out my hand for a coin!

As soon as it drops,
My supervisor picks it from me.

No water for the sunny day,
No shelter for the rainy day,
I got to work at all times.

As though that is not enough to deal with,
The city leaders,
Chase us off the roads like unwanted flies attempting to tap some food.

Small change coin makes our day,
But not good enough for our growth,
Physically, mentally and emotionally

Human rights advocate for us but are not sure if they know what hurts us most.
Others look at us with an evil eye,
And I wonder are Cursed by ‘Charity’ Mafias,
That brought us to town.

Whatever the case, here we are,
Though hunted like wild and harmful animals.
All we are doing is trying to survive like any other person on earth.

Accept us as humans,
Despite the circumstances

By Beneth,