Why stop now

Stop, stop, they shout, and the echoes in my ears emphasis

That is not the way, no one does that

They shout louder and louder.


Yet not louder than the voice inside of me

You have to go on, my spirit says,

We can’t stop now, not when we are this close!

The world is waiting on us and the time is now.


It’s now our time to shine

Our time to show the world what we got

With passion and courage

We can’t stop now.


Look at those against us,

Look at them closer;

Look at the weakness in their eyes,

Their desire for us to stop is so weak than our desire to move forward.


How can they stop us?

No one will stand against us

For the one, that stands with us

Is stronger than the one against us

Tell me, why stop now!


Beneth 03rd Oct 2014