Thinking of you

A smile is painted on face,
with calm thoughts in my mind
When I think of you

Tension seizes,
My nerves are calm
When I think of you

My heart beats gently
as a cloud  of peace comforts me
When I think of you

Thinking of you
Makes waiting for you worth while

Beneth 27/07/2013



Never in my life
Had I thought it was this hard,
But it is!

    I know it it’s not forever,
    But that doesn’t make it lighter
    It has been wonderful working with you
    And I treasure every bit of it dearly

You received me,
Supported me,
Encouraged me,
And lifted my spirit whenever it slipped low

    In you I met a great leader
    A great team,
    And above all, a wonderful friend

We may say farewell today,
But I hope and pray
We keep in touch!

By Beneth 25/02/2013,
Dedicated to Mildmay Uganda


Open Arms

With empty arms I wait,
In a long for a hug
Or maybe, to hold you
Even just for a minute.

    Just out of reach
    Though so clear in mind
    So far away from you
    And all your charms

I miss you
My darling
My open arms wait on

Beneth 08-Feb-2013


Prisoner of love

This love that I can’t run away from
Dreams that just won’t let me be
Blues that keep on bothering me
Chains that just won’t set me free
Oh this love that holds me captive

    In love I find compassion,
    Comfort and sense of belonging
    And no matter how far I run
    I find myself back in love,
    And thoughts that consume my mind

Prisoner of love
That is what it has made of me
But don’t set me free yet

Beneth 06/02/2013


Celebrating life

Celebrating life, is all am doing
Am not holding back nor am I looking back
I laugh at each chance I get
Smile as much as I can and dance
Whenever the music is played!

Am grateful to God for he has bless me,
Friends, family, work and children!
Who am I to deserve all that?
But still He has blessed me.
Thank you Lord.

Beneth 03/07/2013