Restoring the beauty and glory of Africa and the planet earth at large

All that western media reports about Africa and Asia is War, Hunger, Rape, child abuse… name it! I wonder is that all that happens in Africa? I hope NOT, but as they say, “BAD NEWS SALES “, and our local media has picked up so well on the same.

Africa has been represented badly to a point that Africans prefer to sleep on streets of America and Europe selling drugs, than sleep peacefully in their grass thatched houses as they cultivate for their families! Africa has the most fertile soils, water, but it’s embracing that we actually complain when World Food Programme reduces the number of tones they provide to Africa!

Come-on Africans, Why don’t we embrace peace? Why do we continue lamenting ‘poor us’ in the eyes of donors as the corrupt leader embezzle the funds! Our NGO could be doing the same; cry for donor assistance and buy luxury cars as the orphans continue to suffer! And the African cry goes on and on… it’s embracing!

Each one of us has role to play as an individual; to stop raping children, domestic violence misusing weapons, … name it; are we waiting for the government to restrict the use pangas and knives for us to stop killing each other?

In the end, it us! We started this; by looking down on ourselves and believing that the wrong ways are the only ways to survive. The Image is already out there, each one of us has a role to play to restore the beauty and glory of Africa and the planet earth at large.



One thought on “Restoring the beauty and glory of Africa and the planet earth at large

  1. I definitely agree with the contnet of the article. I believe you did a brilliant job describing the existing problems which have only become bigger due to the World Cup. The FIFA did not offer South Africa the the opportunity to optimally benefit from the international publicity. I think the country’s situation has only deteriorated. Before the stadiums were constructed, several slums had to be pulled down and many people had to move. In addition, the FIFA prohibited local entrepreneurs to open their businesses and many expensive stadiums, like the one in Cape Town, are abandoned now. We can only conclude that the FIFA has brutally exploited South Africa!

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