What is the cost of Walk-to-Work campaign?

Since ‘Walk-to-Work’ started some of us have lost our friends, neighbours, parents, and children, we seem not to care how dangerous this thing has become!

I understand that some of you have just realised that the cost of living in Uganda has gone up, but you seem to forget that they are people who did not even afford what you had.

How much are we willing to pay for this walk to work campaign? Many of us have been walking home for months now, and it has been peaceful!

Walk orderly and peaceful; Don’t put other people’s lives at risk. We have a society of infants, pregnant mothers and grannies who can’t keep up with running around in tear gas!

Sorry if i sound selfish, but please put down the drama in walking and let us have our peace.


Soy tu duena “Am your Mistress”

Soy tu duena “Am your Mistress”

Soy tu duena “Am your Mistress”

Soy tu duena “Am your Mistress”, sometimes called “Am your Owner” is currently showing on Citizen TV on weekdays from 8-9pm. And I find it quite interesting to watch though not so regularly.
It mainly about a young woman ‘Valentina’ that was hurt by her fiancé, and she is convinced that all men as as bad as her ex. And she kind of takes her anger on everyone around her.
But as most soaps be, another guy (Jose Miguel) shows up in her life and the question is, “will she fall in love again or she will be over whelmed by anger?”
I should not forget to tell you about ‘Ivana’, the woman hated by most women yet loved by most men.