Could you be the one?

Could you be the one?

Could you be the one?

Could you be the one?

I’ve waited for all my life
For the one and only,
I read in bed time stories.

The one that can fill this heart of mine
With butterflies and bubbles of love
The one so handsome, inspiring,
Amazing, loving and caring.

I find you soft spoken and fun
My heart is over flowing with joy,
Yet great mysteries surround you.

I’m touched deeply
In a way I can’t explain
By the majestic embrace of arms

My soul charmed
And a glorious connection was made.
I am left speechless.

A moment so short lived,
With my heart out of my chest,
One question remains unanswered;
Could you be the one?
Or it’s too soon to tell?


5 thoughts on “Could you be the one?

  1. I read a few of your poems and I think you are very talented. Please keep it up. It is writing like this that can uplift peoples hearts and inspire them to find the beauty withing. Good luck with everything.

    . . ./John

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