Forbidden Feelings

Forbidden Feelings

Forbidden Feelings

Forbidden Feelings
Every word you say,
Paints a beautiful picture in my mind,
One I would love to hold on to.
One I would love to cherish,
One I would like to share with you!

My soul is swept away in a breeze,
Emotions awaken,
Dreams ignited,
And a desire to have and hold
consumes me.

At that moment,
In a flicker, pain pops in,
Truth is we are not meant to be,
Forbidden feelings it is.

Truth sets one free,
But who wants to hear the truth
When it’s against them.

Feelings should be respected,
A miracle prayed for
But should dreams of pain,
And forbidden feelings
Be embraced?

Am tired of hoping against hope,
Am tired of holding on a dream
I can’t sustain.
Am tired of guilt
Forbidden feelings


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