If only you’re here!

I don’t know how I should great you,but let me just say, “Hullo”.

You may be surprised to read from me, after all that happened between us.

Am sorry for that for I did not know how much I loved you until you went away,I once said… “would rather be alone than be by yo side”.

How stupid of me, for now I know,there is no better place than being by yo side; feeling yo love, yo care… now am so lonely, and nothing, or no one can fill the void I have inside of me.

The love of my life went with you, may be it’s to late to say, may be it’s better than never. I believe you need to know that I miss you and nothing can fill yo place in my life.

I feel so lonely, and my only wish is, “If only you’re here”

By Beneth

(love letters)


This part of Rosiyanah Back to loneliness” chapter.

Watch the space, Rosiyanah will soon be out.

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