Just another harvest

Just another harvest

Standing in the middle of my field,
All I can see is a bush,
Shrubs with thorns and hooks
I wonder, did I plant this?

Did some visit my garden
And change all my seeds,
Did I have a garden at all?
I wonder.

My house is so clean,
And so quite,
No kids running around,
Or a wife by my side!
I wonder, are these the choices I made,
Or someone else imposed this on me?

Am driving home from the supermarket,
My neighbor is walking home,
With heavy loads on her shoulders
Yet she turns down my help,
I wonder could she be scared of me,
Did I do something wrong to her?

So many wild seeds I have planted,
So many you too have planted,
Don’t act innocent.

Some I have forgotten,
Just like you have forgotten yours
Yet now all the fruits are ripe,

This is just another harvest
I don’t want to pick any,
Nor keep any in my house.

By Beneth

4 thoughts on “Just another harvest

  1. Hullo Beneth,
    Thank you for this inspirational poem. I believe if all of us could do a self evaluation, then we would find every day promising.
    Let us take a note book and start writing down those things that heve hindered our growth and immeditately we start fixing them.
    I feel encouraged by this excellent sharing.

    • Am glad you like it :
      I wrote this post during Devotion Time at office.

      We were discussing about Harvesting on yo Job.
      And i took it personal.

      Am so glad you like it.
      It talks to us, we like pointing at people.
      When even us are soo… well you know.

      We do things we’re not pleased with.

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