Don’t give up on us.

Don’t give up on us.

I know I have failed you
And I failed God that gave me, you.
Am sorry for the mess I have done,
But don’t give up on us.

I kept no promise I made to you,
Neither did I do what My Father tought me
I laid my hands on you with anger
With little knowledge
I killed our love, our family
And I destroyed my life.

Am so sorry for the pain
I drove you through,
For now I know how it hurts.

I still need to have the family
We dreamed about,
Raising our children together,
But above all,
I still need to feel the love we shared.

Our home has become a house
The children miss their mother
But in amidst of all that,
I miss my wife

Many have told me to give up,
But am still holding on,
Please don’t give up on us
We need to achieve our dream
And we still love you.

By Beneth

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