Why does a friend become an enemy?

Why does a friend become an enemy?

I don’t know about you, but if you are to tell me the truth, 90% of the people you call your enemies were once your friends.

Have you ever wondered how all starts, I would say it starts with us. We trust too much, we idolize them in our lives, what they say or do, we do, we forget we had a life before met these friends in our lives, we feel we own them and since we are friends they should be loyal to us.

That is too much to ask or hope for, and that is our problem.

Let me ask,

If you have a friend who always tells you problems, and every day you have to cry with them… won’t you feel they are weighing you down?

May be not, what if?

If you have a friend who always has something to celebrate, won’t you feel jealous?

May be not, what if?

Have you ever felt you need to compete with your friend, why did you feel that? What drove you to do it?

Anyway the bottom line, our friends are human, and I believe we prefer them as friends than enemies so before they cross over, let’s treat them as humans.

Don’t make them your idols, don’t drive them to the jealous zone, don’t use them as problems-bin, respect them and the things that are dear in their lives; and above all, don’t forget to live your life.

By Beneth


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