I love this gal

I love this gal

She carries crystal drops of tears in her eyes
I wonder,
Who could hurt a rose like that?

She walks with fear,
As though her enemy is watching her,
I keep trying to understand her,
Why she is the way she is,
Why she does what she does,

She commands me her steps,
She touches everything with care as
Though it’s going to break,
I feel someone hurt her,
May be broke her heart,

I love this gal,
May be I need to protect her,
Be the man in her life,
Hopefully the one and only,

She is so pure,
So beautiful,
She is my rose,
And those tears,
It’s like drops of water on her petals.

I love this gal,
I don’t care about the fear around her,
The pain she could have gone through,
All I want is to share our lives together.

I love this gal.

By Beneth

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