All I have loved

All I have loved

I have loved many
Told a few
In fear of rejection

I have admired many,
Got close to a few
In fear of embarrassment

All that I have loved,
May be I did not tell you,
May be you did not love me back,
May be it did not work work out.
May be I hurt you.
May be acted or lied
Or may be tried so hard to be perfect

I did not plan for pain,
yet I caused it,
I did not plan to hurt you either, yet I did,
I tried to be perfect
I ended up messy and stupid.
I tried to hold on,
Yet it all slipped away
Probed to understand,
Ended up nagging

All that I loved,
I did not love you as I wanted,
May be as you deserved
But I believe,
All I have loved.

By Beneth,
(4 friends I made enemies).

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