The cry of a woman

The cry of a woman

Was the truth that necessary
Why did you have to tell me
After all these years.

I respected you
I admired you
I believed you
And most of all
I loved you.

Why all the lies
Why didn’t you stand
by your word
Until the end

Now that the glass is broken
The truth is known,
And am torn apart,
Are you happy?

You have crashed me,
I gave you my love,
And you broke my heart,
How will I love again?
How will I trust again?

You have taken my pride,
and covered me with shame,
You have taken my beauty
and wrapped with tears,
Was this your goal to score?

I have wasted enough of my time,
emotions and most of all
love and trust.
Stay out of my way,
for am not sure what
I may do to your face

Beneth 26/08/2010

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