I have learnt a lot

I have learnt a lot

A baby in your arms,
That is what i have been.

Not that I’m complaining,
But rather, thankful and grateful

For in your arms,
I have learnt to love,
To care, and to live my life

I have learnt
Who I am,
Who I was meant to be,
And whom, I want to be,

I have learnt to earn,
Spend, save and invest.

All that I am,
I owe it to you,
Many have placed a hand on me,
But without your hand,
All could have been crashed,

I have learnt a lot,
And thanks to you.

By Beneth 22/07/2010.

This is for my Familly
(Dad, Mum, Sisters and Brothers)
Thank you guys,

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