Cursed by ‘Charity’ Mafias

Cursed by ‘Charity’ Mafias

My job is simple,
I sit and stretch out my hand for a coin!

As soon as it drops,
My supervisor picks it from me.

No water for the sunny day,
No shelter for the rainy day,
I got to work at all times.

As though that is not enough to deal with,
The city leaders,
Chase us off the roads like unwanted flies attempting to tap some food.

Small change coin makes our day,
But not good enough for our growth,
Physically, mentally and emotionally

Human rights advocate for us but are not sure if they know what hurts us most.
Others look at us with an evil eye,
And I wonder are Cursed by ‘Charity’ Mafias,
That brought us to town.

Whatever the case, here we are,
Though hunted like wild and harmful animals.
All we are doing is trying to survive like any other person on earth.

Accept us as humans,
Despite the circumstances

By Beneth,

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