Hurting your feelings

Hurting your feelings

Rushing through life
With less concern of whatever was around me,
Not even a reminder that
I owe you this moment.

I did not know
That putting work 1st hurts you,
That putting self 1st makes me selfish,
That going out with my friends,
Leaves you so alone and bored.

Am sorry,
Sorry, for forgetting
That I make the biggest part of your life,
Am sorry for failing to remember
What I mean to you,
Am sorry for hurting for your feelings

I hope to take it slow,
Enjoy each moment that I share with you,

2 thoughts on “Hurting your feelings

  1. i really love yo poems only that i know yo only being imaginative, i cant imagine any normal being doing even a half of what you write about.

    • Thanks Sister.
      If you look alito closer you will know that not everything is imaginary.
      We hurt those we love, when we feel we are doing what is best for both of us.

      We sometimes put our families in the 10th position when they deserve to be closer than that.

      Hurting Feelings!
      That is life, somethings can not be avoided.

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