Keep me from Ending

Keep me from Ending

My mother always asked me
to finish what I started,
With so many around me
I wish I had a software to delete
or stop all of the with one click

At times I wish I was younger,
For everyone to look at me as a kid,

At this point of depression, I feel may be,
This is where others chose to take their own lives…

Oh lord, Keep me from ending it,
I would like to live on,
See my children and grand children

By Beneth

2 thoughts on “Keep me from Ending

  1. Sounds so real, Hope yo only bringing out the yo passionate side that most of us exchanged for a rolex. Nothing serious.

    • Ha ha ha ha….
      Sister, not everthg i write has somethg to do with me.

      I have been listening to the radio so much… And the Soaps on TV… but i still remain a big FUN of TAXI Kabozi.

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