Mr. Gentle Hash

Mr. Gentle Hash

He came to my life,
Like a wind that harms no plant,
Gently my heart opened,
Like a flower opens to the rain

Soon, everything was fishy,
The care, faded away,
Without warning!

My heart was left hang on a spider rope
Assured of falling and breaking
I don’t even have a chance to plea my case
Or even a second hearing.

Something will forever be misunderstood,
I wish our eyes can see into the hearts of others,
May be then I will understand
All the questions he left in my heart

Much as I want a knife in my hands
All I can do is to shake off the mad,
Life seems to have more in store.

By Beneth, 12/05/2010

2 thoughts on “Mr. Gentle Hash

  1. How quickly the story in the poem turned from warmth and hate…the two extremes that relationships seem to endure or at least foster in one another. Enjoyed your post.

  2. Ha ha ha a…
    At times things pass off before u can even have a test of them.

    Thanks for visiting and above all the comments.
    I appreciate.

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