Imaginations of the night

Imaginations of the night

Every night I imagine touching your face,
but nothing is there except empty space.

My dreams are filled with visions of eternal bliss,
sealed by your tender and heavenly kiss;

I wake from my dreams, yearning to hold you near,
searching but not finding bringing me to tears.

I lie there thinking about how you showed me love,
making me wonder if you were send from heaven above.

I fell asleep knowing that you are in my mind and my heart,
for love is eternal and we will never be apart.

I found this somewhere,
Just sharing with you


Secretos de Amor

Secretos de Amor

Han pasado los años
Yo y usted lo mejor de los amigos de

Puede ser que es todo lo que soy para ti,
Un mejor amigo,
Y estoy muy agradecido
Para contar con usted como un amigo

Hoy tengo que compartir
Este secreto de la mina con ustedes

Estoy enamorada de ti,
Durante mucho tiempo,
Usted ha sido que a mí

Usted necesita saber
Este secreto amor mío,

Por Benie

The day am to learn a new language,
it will be Spanish.




My heart skipped
At a glace at you

You caught me looking at you,
And the best I could was to smile
That attracted you to me.

Hardly did I know
That, that little thing would end up into sleepless nights

All I think of is, you
All I dream of, is you
All I see, is you
In every thing I set my eyes on

I have tried to fight this
As well as enjoying the moment
Of this crazy feeling

However it has crossed the line,
Am losing my mind over you
It’s driving me crazy
And I have to fight it,

This time,
Get rid of it
And free my soul

I got a crush on you,
But one question is
When will it go away?

Wish I can turn pages backwards,
I would open to before I met you.

By Benie


One night to remember

One night to remember

The wind is calm
Your hand in mine
We take the slope

The stars all shining
Birds singing softly
And it’s just you and I

Looking at you
You’re smiling
Am comforted

Step by step
You guide my feet
In every move I make

Holding on firm to my little hand,
And carrying me up
For the steps I missed
That is one night to remember,
You caring and protecting me

By Benie


I need you

I need you

I can feel
Every move
You make

I can feel
Every breath
You take

Every moment
You’re sad
I to do

And when you’re happy
I celebrate with a song of joy

I need you my baby
I need you in my life

The moments we have shared
I have learnt to love you
As a part of me

I don’t want to leave you,
So don’t leave me either.

I need you my baby,
I need you my baby

By Benie

Dedicated to an expecting mother…
Just like in the dream.


Whom should I blame

Whom should I blame?

Should I should I not?
Is what is asked!

That is normal,
Will it change a thing?

The smile is gone,
A cloud has covered my face
And am hurting inside
Whom should I blame?

I got no room for sadness,
Neither for blaming,
Or holding you for what you did.

All I need is ,
My smile back,

By Benie
(I don’t waana remember)