Long, long time

Long, long time

Long, long time
Is what I have waited for

From sun rise to sunset,
From moonlight to dawn
I have waited.

Long, long time
Is how long I have waited for you,
Just to share this life with you

I have waited,
From one season to another,
From one harvest to another,

From me to us,
I have waited for each moment
It has been a long, long time

By Benie


Sister, sister

Sister, sister

You received me into the world,
And you took care of me,
As you little baby friend

Taught me games, jokes, stories
And shared with me all,
That you had.

At times we competed for everything,
From Mum’s attention to the biggest potato on the plate,

Yet you loved me,
And still you shared freely.

As I look back,
All I can say is,
Thank you.

Life would not have been
This beautiful without you

May God bless you…!

By Benie,

For my sis Oli,
On her BD


Shine on

Shine on

Every candle shines,
No matter the size,
Small or large

Every candle burns down,
It melts to the heat,
Yet it lights up the darkness around it,
And complains not

Shine on,
I say to you,
I say to my self,
Work at our best,
And shine on, and on.

Burn down,
It can’t be avoided,
Shining is worth the heat,
So let’s shine,
Shine on.

By Benie


Hopeless, Hope on

Hopeless, Hope on.

Hopeless is all that is said,

Yet to hope-less
Is to accept death,
To live is never to give-up,
But to hope on

The walls press in,
Closing you within,
But you hope on.

Walk in the storm,
You drown the raging waves,

But to hope is to hold on
The weakest plant
To save your life

Hopeless, look,
The tower crumbling on you,

But hope
Runs to a safe corner

By Benie