4 thoughts on “We have made 7,342 hits

  1. Congratulations, young lady. I’ve been following your writings since the very beginning (I’m subscribed to your RSS feed), and I’ve always want to write to you… but, well, never got to doing so.

    Today being MY new year, I’m cleaning out all the hang-overs from the past year, so expect a mail from me by close of the day.

    And BTW, what’s new in Kampala? Had been planning to spend the Christmas holidays with you fine folks in Kampala, but I’ve regrettably had to cancel that plan. Recent happenings in this little life of mine have forced me to take the deep dive into a MAJOR career transition now (something I’d planned to do middle of next year).

  2. Thanks, George.

    I got your mail…

    Am actually impressed. I have been thinking of launching my own site. Tho i would like to keep the look of the blog.

    These days am alito busy… i hardly get to write.
    But i would love to share alot much more.

    Let me know more of the details, like the prices involved.

  3. Since you replied to the content of my mail here, let me also talk in public 🙂

    1. “…Tho i would like to keep the look of the blog.”

    No problem, your site uses “Blix” theme, which is available for free download here: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/fixed-blix . And as I said in the mail all your content will be transferred easily as well.

    2. “Let me know more of the details, like the prices involved.”

    As per my email, you don’t need to worry about that, as I’m covering everything.

    Rightnow the first step is to choose a delightful and tasty domain name. You can use http://domaintools.com to check if your desired domain name is available or already taken.

    Let’s keep talking, but please let’s move the conversation to email, instead of via public comments.

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