Dancing within myself

Dancing within myself

I take a step with my eyes closed,
As I move to a moment of me and I.
The music is playing in my heart,
A beautiful song,
So I dance.

This song of mine,
It’s a song of joy, love and happiness
So I let go of my fears
And set myself free.

With my hands out,
Standing on my toes,
I dance around and around
I embrace the moment,
A moment for me and I.

I dance, dance and dance,
Running through this field of roses,
A beautiful fragrance sending
Me to end of the world
I dance with in myself.

I dance, dance and dance
Dancing to the music with in,
I say to myself,
“Let’s dance baby”,
“As long as this moment lasts”
So I dance,
I dance with in myself.

By Beneth


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