Acting out of Fear

Acting out of Fear

There are articles I read and start criticizing, and am like this can’t be. That is what I did when I read this story of a guy that shot his child.

The kid was hiding in the closest, to play a little game on the dad. When the dad walked into the room, she jumped out to scare him. Those were her last words.

I was like; could not tell that guy tell that, the voice was for a kid? Sha a a …, that is out. I trashed that. Until, I got my own experience.

I like walking in the evening; at times I push it to 8pm. Last weekend I left home for a walk, as I was there enjoying myself, I saw a guy walk towards me, he got to close and closer and he garbed my hand.

I jumped, screamed, hit his head until he resealed my hand and I ran away. As I was running away, he called me by name and said his name, “Hey … it’s me….” That is when I realized that the guy I was hitting like a snake was my brother. If you have ever watched a woman killing a snake you know what i mean, but I had no stick!

All that happed so fast. I could not even realize, that was my brother I left home a few minutes ago.

As I embraced him, I felt he was scared too, I have never been that scared or even screamed like that in my life. The fast thing that got into my mind was, “he is taking my phone….” but he grabbed the hand that was not holding the phone. That is when I wondered what he wanted. “My life, you have to earn it?”

So what if I had a weapon, what would I have done? A few steps from where we were, there was a police post, and the police guys were seated outside but they did not move an inch. I thank God they did not move, and I had a phone in the other hand rather than a bottle.

Surely, we cannot trust our emotions.

By Beneth
on 11/10/2009

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