You got to slowdown

You got to slowdown

I feel like a bird in the air,
Eager to fly high and hinger
He says, you have to slowdown

When the music is rocking
And I feel like shaking it off,
He says slowdown
When my heart is burning with anger,
And I’m biting my lips to keep calm
He says slowdown

When am pressed in a corner,
My seat is getting hot,
And I feel like screaming on top of my voice
He says, Slowdown

When I feel like fighting,
With every little strength I have
Crash everything down
He says slowdown.

You have to slowdown, baby
You don’t want to do anything
You may regret.

By Beneth

One thought on “You got to slowdown

  1. LIES
    You told a lie Yesterday
    You search to fortify the lie
    cracking the brains Today
    ‘Innocentia’ trades hard-earned reputation
    for a big SHAME Tomorrow

    By Gloria

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