Emotions, an enemy with in you.

Emotions, an enemy with in you.

Many times when you talk to a good friend on how you are confused between what you feel and what you think is right, you will be told to “follow your heart”. Friends don’t want to hurt you, they try to shelter you from pain. But at times our hearts can be wrong and that is why i say , watch out for yo emotions.

Our hearts are fragile, and they know that about themselves so they tend to delay their breaking point ; the so called heartbreak…

If you ever hear a voice asking you to wake up, you got to stop, and the like… just do it, for you better wake up now than later… Pushing the heartbreak to another day doesn’t take it away.

Our emotions tend to show our weak points and if you want to prove how weak you can be, follow them. In a very short time you won’t be able to explain what you did or even believe it yourself.

One thing for sure following your emotions does not take the pain away… it will actually break in the long run into more fine pieces. And that is hard to put back together.

So I will say it again; to you my dear friends, be careful with your emotions… they are your worst enemy.

By Beneth

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