“What are your plans as my wife?” ,He asks!

“What are your plans as my wife?” ,He asks!

The diner is going on well, and you have no question to ask him so you take your seat comfortably to enjoy the meal.. and before you do, he feels it’s now town time for him to ask. “What are your plans as my wife?” What would you tell him?

Ladies are so good at asking questions, mostly because we need to tell someone, and we don’t like being asked especially when were caught off guard.

A few years ago a friend of mine asked me, “What would be your purpose of dating someone?” First was like, ”Why ask?” and he was like I need to know. So I told him, I would date someone b’se i need to know them better. And he asked again, “What would knowing someone better help you?”, “What would be your ultimate goal?” Well that was getting hot for me. So i had to look for ways to divert the talk to something else.

Recently a friend of mine came to me creaming on top of her voice… “can you imagine what he asked me”?, I was like.. Aha, he asked for yo hand in marriage. No gal something worse…” What”? I asked. Everything was going on well and he asked, ” What plans do have for me, as your husband?”

I was like, is he an HR manager? It’s like your siting for a Job interview. At least that managed to make her laugh and we talked calmly.

So what do you say to a guy who asks ‘off-the-hook’ questions. One thing is that we can not avoid them, and I believe a serious man needs to know if you can handle what waits you. The answer you give will determine if you are sure and ready for it.

Men, just like women, like evaluating… so don’t get cold feet. Be you and tell him the truth… if you breakup, the better. You wound not want to be on a job you don’t like for the rest if yo life or even be wrong team member.

By Beneth

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