Let’s talk about sex as an act of worship!

Let’s talk about sex as an act of worship!

Am a single woman, and I can’t claim to know much about this, but I know about worship. Since it is described as an act of worship, of which I believe it is, I will say I know the basics about sex. So let me share with you some of the things that I think will affect your sex life.

What you listen to and believe,
Many people will tell you a lot about sex even when you were just a kid you can say that you had about it. But if you happen to believe them then, they will definitely affect you, especially if you don’t have what people told you as requirements. “The so called enhancements… ” Just like the devil keeps on telling you “Do you think God can forgive you?”, “After all that? No my friend, no my friend….” When you are worshiping God, You are likely to remember all people told you about sex, and how you don’t have what it takes… and so on. I believe you will feel abused than enjoy anything.

Some people tend to be like chemists, they like procedures. They are lots of books and videos about sex, (sold on every street vender’s “mudala” around town). If you copy and paste then you’re not likely to feel what you should feel. Have you ever looked at someone trying to worship like the pastor? Worship is just between you and God … actually the time we have done it best is when we don’t know how we did it; in spirit not with the mind. So what am I saying, copy and paste won’t lead you to what it’s should be, you we need to do is to listen to ourselves (body, soul, and spirit … the mind makes a decision and you communicate).

Practice or internship
“We need experience!” many people say. Have you realized we worship differently yet to the same God? So how do you think your 5yr of experience with x, and y will help you when you marry z? I know many don’t like being promoted after internship… And what if you get more than you want? Like a Junior, if not twins, or you end up calling your spouse; y, or x. Will you be able to explain that?

Demo versions
Of late many run to download a demo, or I should say they upload themselves for demos… have you heard of a friend saying “we need to stay to know how well we get along with each other!” Many assume after a trial, someone will buy a full version but what if they want to uninstall? Can you live with that pain in your heart? If I remember well, “God asks us not to let our hearts be trampled on…” and I will leave that at that.

We feel we should,
If you have never said, or heard someone say “I wish I was dead!” then you would not understand that not all things we wish for are good for us. The desire is normal and the feeling is so strong. But you don’t have to give in… However I think the biggest problem with us, we invoke the feeling, and when everything is too hot to cool down… we start asking God not to let us into trouble, Well someone else (devil) is always there asking you not to spoil the moment. Trust me fighting against yourself is the hardest war you can ever win… and losing will definitely haunt you.

I need to prove that I love him
Let me ask, “is that how he proved that he loves you?” Am sure not… but you love him anyway! “So how come you have to prove yourself to him in such a way?” Ok may be am being so insensitive, “How did you feel when he said it?” Did you feel he loves you more than yesterday? Did you feel you are about to loose him and you can’t imagine your life without him? Did you feel betrayed, lied to, or stupid to believe he loved you? Or you’re simply wondering how many times he has said that to other women? I can’t tell you what to do and you do it… but you don’t need to prove your love like that? Just run for your safety, you’re trading with a kiwani (duplicate of Mr. Right).

Failure Surrender,
To worship God in spirit as it should be, you have to surrender everything unto him, so I believe this too applies to sex as well. You can’t enjoy it when you have unfinished businesses between each other… or if you keep on holding on to the past experiences and so on.

You know many people can talk, talk and talk… and yet we go a head and do the wrong thing. But it’s so much better to avoid trouble than handling it, or nursing the wounds when the storm is gone. That is never a pleasure!

By Beneth,

Background: After bible study, listening to the marrieds and singles, talk about relationships, sex. i came to realize most of the books I have read about the relationships. They talk about sex as an act of worship. As I was sat in the taxi on my way to work the next morning… these words came to my mind and I just wrote them down, now I share with you.

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  1. This time am scared of how far my mind can go, I used to say , “I have two personalities inside of me” now I realize it may be more than just two… and that scares me.

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