A love letter for every one

Hullo My love,

Am writing this with pain inside my heart, for loving you has been painful but I still love you just like I did the first time we met.

I know you love me, but at times I think, you think less of me; as though I can’t give you what you desire… you give me a look of ‘i-need-more’ yet you think I can’t give it to you. Other times you think am asking too much for you to offer.

I see you walk away, in search of your heart’s desire, and I say to myself ’why didn’t you ask me first?’, and it hurts me, for I wish to be the first person you consult about anything in your life.

I rise with jealous, every time you do that to me, I feel some one else has taken my place. I love you so much, but it hurts to think that am not enough, or worth something in your life… “Even my opinion is not good at all!” I say to myself with bitterness. MORE >>

3 thoughts on “A love letter for every one

  1. My biggest desire was never to write, cos i had issues with some words… Then i realized i did not have to use then.

    I write plainly just as i speak. I love reading what i write. I hope it will bless, just like i have been blessed.


  2. l0ve is happiness that you can get only once…your first love you will neva frget him……..he will always be in yr mind…..

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