Mysterious Eyes

Mysterious Eyes

Your eyes are so deep,
They sparkle every time I look at them

So deep I go,
Trying to find, and know
What you’re thinking about

Your shyness,
Always blocks my way,
When am just about to see beyond the line,
You turn away with a smile.

As you smile,
I can’t hold back
The desire to hold your chin
And look straight in your eyes.

In your eyes,
There lies a beautiful mystery,
A mystery that I long to know

A place so calm,
Yet so hard to reach,
Filled with emotions
That I long to know
And feel.

Make away for me,
To know you,
To get close to you,
To share with you

Mysterious Eyes,
Just trust me!

By Beneth
On 20/07/2009
“just 4 just”

One thought on “Mysterious Eyes

  1. Some facebook application claims my eyes are mysterious.
    i would not want to believe that.

    I simply think they are beautifull…

    Beautifully and wonderfully made.
    Aaa aha a…

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