I have loved…

Just Loved
I have loved…

I have loved,
With my head over the hills,
And my feet in air,
As though am swimming in clouds.

With a sip of love in my month,
So good to let go,
And so hot to swallow,
I cry.

Tears in my eyes,
Comfort in my heart,
Happiness in my soul
Sadness in my spirit,
I cry, again and again.

I have loved,
Felt guilty of what I feel,
Wrong at heart,
Yet the powerful within.

I have done right,
Yet felt wrong,
In a right place,
Yet felt lost,
Walked with many,
Yet felt lonely.

I have loved,
A different test of love,
Sweeter than before,
Smooth, yet powerful.

I have loved to shout it loud,
Yet none is listening,
I look up in the sky,
Stars are shining brighter and brighter,
I feel Angles are listening.

It’s burning me inside,
Gently touched by joy
Fills my heart with happiness,
For once I felt good.

As i hold my tongue,
Not to say anything at all,
I smile,

I smile,
As I feel myself move,
From moment to moment,
Like a small butterfly,
Moving from flower to flower,
I smile again and again.

No more, do I feel guilty
Nor sad to cry
Or too hot to embrace

I have loved,
To embrace the moment,
Cherish the memories,
Live the dream,
And smile, within myself.

I have loved,
With nothing else inside,
Just love.

Composed By

Beneth Akoola
On 24th June 2009

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