Mirror Beautiful Me,

Mirror Beautiful Me,

Every moment,
You give me a new look,
A beautiful look

A smile
A reminder,
‘Yo look wonderful’

As I leave
I forget
I come back,
Again and again

Looking in yo eyes
Making faces
I tell myself
‘Yo look Good Gal’

Mirror Beautiful me
My good friend,
You speak well of me.

Am beautiful
We’ll meet again soon.

Composed by Beneth
On 28/07/2009
‘Just thinking’


Mysterious Eyes

Mysterious Eyes

Your eyes are so deep,
They sparkle every time I look at them

So deep I go,
Trying to find, and know
What you’re thinking about

Your shyness,
Always blocks my way,
When am just about to see beyond the line,
You turn away with a smile.

As you smile,
I can’t hold back
The desire to hold your chin
And look straight in your eyes.

In your eyes,
There lies a beautiful mystery,
A mystery that I long to know

A place so calm,
Yet so hard to reach,
Filled with emotions
That I long to know
And feel.

Make away for me,
To know you,
To get close to you,
To share with you

Mysterious Eyes,
Just trust me!

By Beneth
On 20/07/2009
“just 4 just”


Thank you Friends

Akoola’s Blog has got 4000+ hits,
and all thanks i give to you.

I thank my brother Kiiza, aka. kabonde who introduced to wordpress.com …
by then i was thinking of joining blog spot.

I loved the templates of wordpress,
the colors, the format, the layout.

I can say, it’s cool enough for me.

i thank God for the words he has put at in my mind,
and the desire to share my thoughts,
and imaginations.

Other wise,
i would not have said anything.
Lets keep it on,

Thanks a lot.
Benie M,
a.k.a Akoola.


I have loved…

Just Loved
I have loved…

I have loved,
With my head over the hills,
And my feet in air,
As though am swimming in clouds.

With a sip of love in my month,
So good to let go,
And so hot to swallow,
I cry.

Tears in my eyes,
Comfort in my heart,
Happiness in my soul
Sadness in my spirit,
I cry, again and again.

I have loved,
Felt guilty of what I feel,
Wrong at heart,
Yet the powerful within.

I have done right,
Yet felt wrong,
In a right place,
Yet felt lost,
Walked with many,
Yet felt lonely.

I have loved,
A different test of love,
Sweeter than before,
Smooth, yet powerful.

I have loved to shout it loud,
Yet none is listening,
I look up in the sky,
Stars are shining brighter and brighter,
I feel Angles are listening.

It’s burning me inside,
Gently touched by joy
Fills my heart with happiness,
For once I felt good.

As i hold my tongue,
Not to say anything at all,
I smile,

I smile,
As I feel myself move,
From moment to moment,
Like a small butterfly,
Moving from flower to flower,
I smile again and again.

No more, do I feel guilty
Nor sad to cry
Or too hot to embrace

I have loved,
To embrace the moment,
Cherish the memories,
Live the dream,
And smile, within myself.

I have loved,
With nothing else inside,
Just love.

Composed By

Beneth Akoola
On 24th June 2009


When I saw her …

When I saw her
When I saw her …

She was dancing with her hair in the air,
With the sun set raises dashing through it…
Turning around and around,
I could not stop looking at her,
I said to myself, “what a beauty?”

For a moment my breath was swept away,
And felt my heart play softly,
To music, my ears had never heard…

I looked at her again,
She was dancing to the rhythm of my heart,

I moved forth to say “hullo,”
And I heard myself say,
“Hullo beautiful?”
As though there was a difference between me and I.

Her eyes were glowing as though
There was a flame in them,
Her lips so soft and so beautiful,
She said, “Hi, stranger!”

“Do you have time?” I asked,
Time to know me,
For I could not help being a stranger in her eyes

At that moment I knew,
I had found my missing rib,
A piece of me,
Made by God

We walked in the garden together,
Hand in Hand, Smiling,
As our hearts danced,
And our souls met for the first time.

As I saw her leave to the horizon,
“I did not ask her name!” I remembered,
Seemed to late for me,
I had lost my rib again!

But one thing I knew, for sure,
I will meet her again and walk through that garden.

Composed by

Benie Akoola,
On 09/07/2009.
(Just Imagining)


Falling in Love Vs Growing in love


I was looking at our African Tradition and how they used to prepare for marriage and I realized they embraced more of growing in love rather than falling (Parents used to do the match making for their children, so a man doesn’t know whom his to marry until the introduction day!).Honestly if such a thing was to be practiced am sure they would have endless misunderstandings.

Let’s get back to the falling in love thing; if there is anything sweet on earth, it’s falling in love. So, I used to say. Then one day I meant some one who did not believe in my theory…. Of course I did not buy that, I told him he did not know how it felt like.

However one thing wrong with falling you standup again and start asking so many questions to yourself and mostly you feel like walking away. In our land we have a coning phrase, “If I was to fall again, it would be at your feet!”, and it sound more beautiful and romantic in its original language.

Many are the times we have fallen and by the time we stand up, we are not impressed with where we fell. That is when I borrow the idea of growing in love. They believe more in choices than feelings.

Am not that comfortable with choices… I like the feeling that sweeps off your feet and you find yourself flying on angel’s wings, and you just can not stop smiling, bla bla … It really feels good.

When it comes to choices, I just wonder what happens. I believe every thing is calculated and there are few things that get off the line!!! Do you ever feel the power of your heart or you feel the power of your head / brain instead?

Am not sure what I would want next, to fall or to grow. If you fall it hurts, and that ‘grow’ things seems less exiting! But I would love to grow, even after the fall! Ha ha ha..
That would be the best.