Relating with Jesus Christ

Relating with Jesus Christ

Many of us have relationships with Jesus Christ but the difference lies in the type of relationship we have with him.

Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit but how are we taking care of those bodies? Many are the days we have taken his temple to wrong places; much as it suffocates Jesus, we don’t even listen to him.

We are like a pregnant woman who continues to smoke, drink and use drugs even when she knows that, what she is doing is harming her and her baby. Those are the Christians we have become.

The only time we want to be identified with Jesus is that moment when we are at church the rest of our lives is our ‘businesses’.

The fact is, Jesus is already in our lives and even when we don’t want to be identified with him, he lives in us, though He has grown small because of our endless trial to suppress the growth of his spirit in us.

Something strange about us, even when we want a casual relationship with Him, we want to hold him accountable for our mistakes. We question where he was; “when my child died?”, ” when my parents threw me out of the house?”,” when I was in pain?” … and much more.

We forget that, those are the same moments we asked him to stay away from our business. We would know who is to blame, for he insisted and talked to us but we claimed to be deaf. Before we blame him for our failures why don’t we give him a chance to work in us?

There is evidence that Jesus is faithful, the weakness is in us, so we need to work on our selves. Let us trust in the Lord, for those that trust in Him, He renews their strength.

Let me hope that we will consider our relationships with Him more seriously, because that is when we will bare the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

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